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Characters So-hyun (Moon Geun-hyung) - Jang-rok's grandson who ends up becoming an informant to save his grandfather from being imprisoned for a death sentence. Jang-rok (Yoo Ho) - His grandfather who leads a group of pirates to find the treasure from the war of Joseon. Kim-sun (Yoo Jae-myung) - The son of Jang-rok who enters the underground scene in the war of Joseon to see and get back his money lost at sea with Jang-rok. Jeong-ryul (Lee Da-hae) - A woman who saves Kim-sun from the death sentence and becomes his fiancée. Ratings In the table below, represent the lowest ratings and represent the highest ratings. NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date. Awards and nominations References External links The King of Pirates at Studio Dragon Category:2016 South Korean television series debuts Category:2016 South Korean television series endings Category:2010s South Korean television series Category:Drama television series Category:TVN (South Korea) television dramas Category:Television series set in the 16th century Category:Piracy in fictionCaladenia pumila Caladenia pumila, commonly known as the rabbit ear orchid, is a plant in the orchid family Orchidaceae and is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. It is a ground orchid with a single hairy leaf and up to seven bright pink to cream-coloured, lateral and dorsal sepals and red to purple-coloured petals. Description Caladenia pumila is a terrestrial, perennial, deciduous, herb with an underground tuber and which grows to a height of. There is a single hairy, linear to lance-shaped, reddish-brown to greyish green, linear to lance-shaped leaf long and wide. Up to seven bright pink to cream-coloured, lateral and dorsal sepals long and about wide, spread widely and curve downwards. The petals are cream-coloured to pink, long and about wide. The labellum is pale yellowish-green, with three erect, erect, cream-coloured



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HD Online Player (the Pirates Korean Movie Download) deeeff

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